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Solar energy to smile about

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Get paid the wholesale value of your solar exports

You can't beat wholesale

You’ll be paid the wholesale value of your solar exports, so you can be certain you’re getting the best deal.

Annual Solar Bonus

At the end of the year, Powerclub will review your actual wholesale export value and if it’s higher than what you are paid through your solar FiT, which we expect it to be, we’ll pay you the difference.

More control of your exports

To help you keep track of fluctuating energy prices, our Powerwatch app will inform you of what the wholesale market price is doing right now. That way, you can put off using your energy intensive appliances when prices are high – and export your excess solar to make the most of high wholesale prices.

Powerclub Solar Feed-in-Tariffs

Solar business

We don’t take a cut from your FiT

With Powerclub, your feed-in-tariff is sacred. We don’t profit from what you sell back to the grid, just as we don’t profit from your energy usage. Because our energy company is your energy company.

No funny business, just sunny business

Unlike other providers, we won’t decrease our solar FiT after you join to lure you in under false pretences. We pay what your energy is worth, which is always the maximum provided from the wholesale market. Powerclub exists for the benefit of Members, not to line our pockets. What you see is what you get.

Pay off your investment faster

Powerclub will analyse your solar performance and provide personalised and localised information to empower you to make better decisions about your solar investment. Armed with more knowledge and choice, you will be able to get the most out of your asset and pay off your solar faster!

Save even more with a storage battery system

By purchasing a battery, you’re entitled to savings of up to 2c per kWh depending on your Powerbank + Battery Plan. You’ll be able to use the energy you generate throughout the day. And you can sell what you don’t need back to the grid during peak price periods to get even more bang for your buck!

Have you heard about our Virtual Power Plant?

A Virtual Power Plant combines energy generated by multiple solar and battery systems to act like a conventional power plant, using a centralised control centre to co-ordinate energy exports through cloud-based software. In simple words - If you generate electricity, you can sell it to someone else - which means you can pay back your investment faster or profit from your energy assets!

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Powerclub's Virtual Power Plant

Whether you've got solar and battery, or looking to start your renewable energy journey, Powerclub's VPP can save you thousands in electricity costs. Fill out the form and our team will be in touch.