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What's the difference between a Flat and Flex plan?

All this mumbo-jumbo got you feeling a bit miffed? Never fear - we're here to set the record straight and make it easier for you to choose the right plan.

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As a Powerclub Member, you always pay for your energy at wholesale rates. The Network tariff you choose will determine what you pay to deliver electricity to your home.

Networks are the companies that own the poles and wires that deliver your power, and they have two basic types of tariffs:

  • Flat (or Peak) tariff charges you a flat delivery rate, regardless of when you use your energy.
  • Flex (or Time-of-Use) tariff splits the delivery rate into three periods; Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak. Each network tariff has its specific times for Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak charges but usually, Peak is around 3 pm - 8 pm. To check which applies to you either check the Rate Card in our sign-up or visit our Plan's page for VIC here and other states here. And of course, you can also call us on 1300 294 459.

Everybody uses power differently, so depending on when you use most of your electricity, one tariff may give you cheaper delivery than another.

Upgrading to a Smart Meter

To be eligible for a Powerbank FLEX Plan, you will need a Smart Meter or an existing Basic Meters that supports Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak. Upgrading to a Smart Meter is an excellent investment and will help you save money in the long run. Once your new Smart Meter is in place, you will be able to view your actual usage via the Powerclub Portal. Combined with the Powerwatch app, you can adjust your heavy usage to cheaper times, potentially saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year.

Your Network does not generally supply Smart meters, which means they come with an additional third-party Supply Charge for their provision, previous installation and maintenance. Installing your new Smart Meter will cost between 11c - 40c extra per day depending on the type of meter you require. Our Member Advocate Team can provide you with more information and a quote.

Default Market Offer

Powerclub also offers a Default Market Offer, but this does not include the benefits of Powerclub's wholesale rates. The Australian government determines a Default Market Offer price and requires that all energy retailers have the offer displayed. It is our strong recommendation that no Australian should ever pay more than they should for energy. There will always be a better offer available with Powerclub than the Default Market Offer.

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