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Sick of paying too much for energy?

Don't fatten the big guys profits. Take back the power and join the Club that's designed to save you money - not line shareholders pockets.

It’s not rocket science – just innovative thinking

Powerclub gives back to Members

If we receive more revenue than what we need to cover costs, the excess will be returned to Members or reinvested into Powerclub for their benefit.

We don't profit from your energy use

Powerclub provides Members with access to wholesale energy prices so you only pay for the energy you use. We use the latest technology, a lean approach and low overheads to be more efficient than many other retailers.

We pay what your solar is worth

Powerclub pays the wholesale value of your solar exports. You will receive a competitive solar feed-in-tariff (FiT) and at the end of the year, we’ll review your actual wholesale export value. If it’s higher, which we expect it to be, we’ll pay you the difference.

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Take back the power!

Get greater control

Powerclub puts the power back in your hands with technology that gives you more knowledge and control over your energy use.

Less stress, more yes

There’s more to life than worrying about high bills. Your Powerbank will cover you from high energy prices - taking away unnecessary stress at bill time.

We're the people's innovator

We're putting our energy into bringing about change - because we're sick of paying too much for energy too!

Stop fighting for lower power bills

We're dishing out the dirt with energy saving tips, advice and insights so you can save your energy for life - not huge bills