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Sick of paying too much for energy?

Powerclub has got some of the most competitive energy rates in Australia. Check out the video to see how you can join the Club, and start saving sooner!

How it works

We’re Member-owned so we work for you!

Powerclub is Australia’s only Member-owned electricity retailer giving you access to wholesale energy prices with buffering technology from Powerbank.

Your Powerbank

By setting up your Powerbank, you can enjoy wholesale energy prices, without the ups and downs. You pay a flat rate per kWh based on the average price of wholesale electricity. When wholesale prices go up, your Powerbank covers the difference, and when prices fall, the money you save tops your Powerbank back up.

Change your usage and save

Download our free Powerwatch App to track wholesale energy prices in your state and receive alerts when the price is high. Through the app, Powerclub recommends ways you can power-down when wholesale prices are high, so you can avoid paying too much for energy.


Get on board!

We're the Energy Retailer of the Year!

Out of 36 retailers, energy price comparison site Mozo crowned Powerclub as the '2019 Energy Retailer of the Year'. We received a total of 15 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, including eight awards in the small business categories for consistently delivering the best energy price.

Got solar?

Through Powerclub’s no-profit processes, you can feel reassured that you're getting a fair deal on your solar. We pay the wholesale market value of your solar exports, or the minimum tariff – whichever is highest.

Download our free Energy Kit

Find out how Powerclub could save you hundreds off your annual electricity bills. Our energy plans are incredibly popular, so it may take up to an hour for the kit to arrive. Hang in there - we'll get it to you asap!